Tyler Kennedy Developer & Consultant

CKAN Utilization

As a member of CKAN’s technical team I often wonder what versions are still in use and which extensions are popular. Since we don’t have any analytics built into CKAN the only way we can find out is by going out and “asking” each CKAN site. This information can be very handy, since we can use it to decide when fixes are no longer worth the effort to backport, or which “core” extensions should recieve focus.


Jawa is a rainy-day project to support inspecting, modifying, and creating JVM bytecode from Python. It’s a successor to an earlier project from 2010 which was used to magically parse new versions of Minecraft and find new network packets, entities, sounds, etc. It did this by looking for patterns in the bytecode and reconstructing higher-level objects based on what it found.

Whose using GitHub?

I needed to get some historical data out of Github that was no longer available and stumbled over a really neat project called GHTorrent that records and augments the Github public event stream. I thought it would be neat to see who’s using Github using this information.