Hey there!

I’m Tyler Kennedy, currently working as a consultant for Statistics Canada.

I also do charity work on the side, you should reach out to me if:

  • You’ve got a unique or interesting problem to solve
  • You’re a charity/non-profit that needs some help
  • You’re looking to aquire and sanitize data.
  • You’ve got a protocol, file format, or program you need reverse engineered and just can’t figure out.


The best place to see what I’m working on is by checking out github. I work on a wide variety of personal projects, such as:

  • A Python framework for reverse engineering JVM applications
  • Creating and maintaining a public wiki containing reverse-engineered protocol and implementation details for the popular Minecraft video game
  • Tiny, clean libraries for working with reverse engineered data files, such as NBT and PBO files.
  • Tools for working with huge and messy CSV files
  • A cia.vc replacement, now used by over 3000 projects and hundreds of users.
  • A personal, non-blocking crawling framework for those quick scraping tasks.
  • Browser extensions for simplifying complex crawler development
  • Reverse engineering and implementing a bluetooth driver and OS X status bar app for the Parrot ZIK headset.

I also dabble in embedded design and microprocessors.


I’m a big fan of using the right tool for the job, as well as playing with new technologies in personal projects to keep up to date with the field. I have experience working with a wide range of technologies and architectures because of this.

Some examples (the Buzz Word list)

  • Amazon AWS and the full range of solutions it offers (EC2, SQS, R53, etc…), Digital Ocean, RackSpace, Google Compute & AppEngine
  • A wide variety of database and key-value stores such as MariaDB/MySQL, Postgres, Redshift, RethinkDB, Redis, Memcache, leveldb, SQLite, MongoDB.
  • Python, Ruby (not rails), C(99)/C++, Assembly (x86, MIPS32, ARM7)
  • Jenkins/Hudson, travis.ci, make, waf, SCons, CMake, etc…